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Ausgabe 16/2016 – Artikel erschienen in: "The Australien magazine for felting and more – Felt"   Gesamten Artikel mit Impressionen als PDF downloaden.

  A maker of sculptural works in felt, Andrea Noeske-Porada is inspired by architectural and natural constructions, and the concept of minimalism. Her work is renowned for its angular geometric forms, rather than the softer, rounded qualities frequently seen in handmade felt. Based in Germany, Andrea began making felt in 2002 using small felted balls instead of precious stones for inclusion in her silversmith work.   This was followed by exploring felt’s potential for larger 3D works not easily achieved in precious metals. Her interest in abstract, form-based art eventually led her to develop Felt Foldings, a unique technique to create a relief of repeating, 3D spatial structures and striking sculptural forms in handmade felt.   Gesamten Artikel mit Impressionen als PDF downloaden.

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